A different kind of Realtor

We put our house up for sale in the middle of a terrible seller’s market. In addition to that there were also twelve other homes up for sale in our complex. Our home made #13. We were not expecting miracles, and truth be told, we were prepared for it being on the market for a year. We liked Elisa and Dave as soon as we met them. What impressed us the most initially was their sincerity, honesty about the market, and the fact that they struck us as just regular people. There was an immediate feeling of comfort in their personalities and also knowledge of the market. The next thing that impressed us was the extensive exposure that we received on the Internet. Elisa excels in this area and the exposure that she got for our home far exceeds what others in the industry do. We were on several quality web sites and even had our very own site established by Elisa. Our web site was extraordinary. These were not point and shoot pictures that take 10 minutes to shoot. These were quality shots which took Elisa and Dave hours to complete. The result was immediate. We began to have showings and sold the house in 4 weeks. When you pick Elisa, you get Elisa. All calls are returned by her and usually within minutes. Both Elisa and Dave are very calm people and their advice is given calmly, objectively, and it is realistic. She is a “different kind of Realtor” but in a positive and productive way. Thank you Elisa and Dave. It was a pleasure having you as our agents.

— Anonymous