Above and beyond the call of duty

I could not have been happier with the work of Elisa Dewees as my Realtor. In a market in which many houses were up for sale for a year or more, she sold my house in a few weeks. I believe that the exceptional photographs that she had taken for the online sites may have had a lot to do with this. I had moved to Michigan before the workman had even started painting the entire inside of the house, refinishing all of the hardwood floors, and doing some other odd jobs to get the house ready for sale. Elisa served as my agent in dealing with all of these workman, helping them gain access to the house and overseeing the quality of the completed work, while keeping me informed of the whole project as it progressed When, based on the inspection, the buyers wanted six items rectified, Elisa did all of the above again – even to the point of identifying and hiring the contractors for me. She made sure that they scheduled all of the work so that it would be completed well before settlement. Some items she took care of herself. Elisa was always available to me immediately for any questions or concerns that I had. She even served as my agent at settlement, saving me the time, trouble and expense of flying from Michigan back to New Jersey. I have bought and sold a number of houses over my lifetime, and Elisa was by far the best Realtor I have ever had. It was truly a pleasure to work with her throughout the whole process. Her efforts were “above and beyond the call of duty” in my opinion.

— Dr. O'Connor